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JEWEL Matrix - Jewellery Valuation System

Work smarter, not harder with your jewellery valuation activities.
JEWEL Matrix will save you time, make you more productive and help you make more money. Simple!

JEWEL Matrix Main Screen

Easy data entry

A simple step-by-step approach takes you through the valuation process, so you won't forget important aspects.  Speed up the data-entry process - just use the numeric keypad.

JEWEL Matrix Main Screen

Detailed information

JEWEL Matrix retains information at 2 levels - what the customer sees and your worksheet information.   Record background and research notes straight into the system.

JEWEL Matrix Main Screen

Brilliant reports

Documentation from JEWEL Matrix is brilliant, including the optional multi-page "Valuation Portfolio" designed to impress.  Print to suit your business and customers.

JEWEL Matrix Main Screen

Jewellery Valuation System

JEWEL Matrix is a time-saving platform for doing jewellery valuations. Designed to improve the business of jewellery valuing. Designed by valuers for valuers — JEWEL Matrix assists you to accurately describe and value any item of jewellery. Contemporary and antique jewellery, including watches, pearls and loose gemstones.

Standard Version

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JEWEL Matrix Standard starts the valuation process by looking at the big picture first, then narrowing into the details.  This approach helps to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Imagine the time wasted retrieving an item from your customer, just because you forgot to record a vital piece of information.  JEWEL Matrix helps you avoid situations like this!

JEWEL Matrix automatically estimates all gemstone weights and mount prices.  Photos of the valued items may be included.  The valuation information and jewellery description can be completed step-by-step or entered using your own wording.  View, edit, update and print any valuation at any time.

Value jewellery, estimate gemstone weights, detailed jewellery information lookup.  Completed valuations are ready to print in minutes.

Save time, make money!  

Professional Version

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JEWEL Matrix Pro will help you build your valuation business by increasing your profit per valuation.  Multiple databases enables you to configure JEWEL Matrix to suit individual clients with page layouts, markup variables, pricing structures and numerous other controls.

The Restoration Report and Revalue Listings are great value-adds for your clients.